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Visit of the festival of Douz

In the December of every year, the Festival of the Sahara made relive instants to the public forts of traditional Saharan life: fantasias, wedding processions, battles of camels, hunt for the greyhound...
Festival de Douz

Demonstration is an occasion to identify, to study and to introduce natural and cultural sites likely to entice and to keep the visitors where from that they come and given them opportunities for better knowledge of the Sahara and of the desert of Tunisia and besides.

Several Tunisian and foreign participants from Italy take part in this meeting, from France, from Jordan, from Gambia and from Iraq.

Interventions are principally centered on several reflexion and concerning approaches Sahara, the promotion of Saharan cultural heritage, situation of Tunisian cultural tourism, the importance of the Dromedary in Saharan tourism, relation between tourism and sustainable development and the Saharan routes and the emphasising and the accessibility of sites of tourist and cultural interest of the Sahara.
Topic on "The Sahara of cultures and people: approach of human dimensions and sociocultural" an occasion is to answer question: how cultural tourism can be favourable to dialogue between the people.

A party-poem is also in the menu with some " stopovers in Tunisia in the light of poem and " my pink roses in the Sahara".

Symposium will notably come to an end with the presentation of a pilot plan of emphasising "for development of cultural and natural tourism intended in the Tunisian Sahara and the creation of one international interactive platform".
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