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Tunisian South

Tunisian South

The Sahara of the Big Oriental Erg
Huge dunes, sea of sand any crêtée of gold, the felt steps of the camels are imagined the silence of the Big Erg...

The Tunisian Sahara is all that, but more still. It is also the Berber villages stuck in summit of the abrupt hills, them surprising Ksour or castles of the desert, houses troglodytiques dug in even the rock...

Our agency BEDOUIN TOUR will make you touch this immensity and diversity characterising of the Saharan world; the world elating where from they come back transformed.
The big Tunisian south, it is full of surprises to wonders, from astonishment to fascination: it is feel in the same day, the glow of adventure and the soft relaxation of holiday.

Between dunes and oasis, you live during these some days on the traces of the bedouins and will discover the magic of the big oriental Erg.

Douz, nomadic crossroad
Douz, the big crossroad of exchange of the region and the capital of the Sahara, Douz is a village typically desert, encircled with dunes of sand, which continues keeping customs jealously semi-nomadic populations.

The market is every Thursday, its trade of skins of dromedary, its Berber jewellery and animal husbandry of famous sloughi - the lever of the desert - make a museum living on traditions.
Douz true door of the desert
Douz is an ideal starting point for méharées and safaris. Douz is also the centre of a region engaging, interspersed with a kyrielle of villages in the middle of sands, and edged by immensity of Chott el Jerid - expanse glides covered as far as the eye can see with scintillating crystals of salt.

Our programmes will allow you to discover the different facets of the Saharan desert, the oases, the sources of water, the enchanting landscapes in hot colours at the edge of any ground to you. you will sink in the big Tunisian south, and live an exceptional adventure with BEDOUIN TOUR.
Bedouin Tour
Rue Mohamed Marzougui
4260 - Douz – Tunisie

Direct contact in Tunisia in :
tel.: 216 75 475 760
fax: 216 75 475 761


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